Let's assign your primary beneficiary(ies).

A primary beneficiary is the person, people or entity you choose to receive the death benefits. If you choose more than one beneficiary, you will need to tell us what percentage of the benefit you would like each person to receive. 

If beneficiary is shown as irrevocable, his/her consent is required to change it, in writing. For example, if you choose your spouse or partner to be the designated beneficiary and you end up separating, you will not be able to change the beneficiary designation without a completed release form from them. You are responsible for ensuring the validity of your designation aka. if you have an agreement with a spouse, partner, or other entity now is the time to check it.

What's the deal with minors?

Allocation Remaining: 


Looks like you've doled out too much. Please reduce your allocation to 100% total between your beneficiaries.

Looks like you've got a bit more to dole out. Please allocate 100% between your beneficiaries.