Group Benefits vs. Health & Dental Insurance

We are offering a true Group Benefits product, and this is quite different than the available Health & Dental Insurance plans on the market.  The main differentiators are cost and the administration of the plan. Our goal is to provide our members with costs that are on par with what business are paying on behalf of their employees, and take care of all the administration that goes along with it.  This is as close as it gets in mirroring what exists for full time employees.


Eligibility Period

To get you enrolled in our Group Health & Dental Benefits plan we help you set aside 12 months of estimated premium from the payments processed through Livelii. With each of these payments you can allocate as much as you would like towards your policy coverage which is held in your Wellness Account (in trust at RBC). The day you hit the mark, we'll get you enrolled and deduct a portion monthly of the annual premium for that calendar year. From there, we help you maintain an estimated 12 month premium.

Our Mutual Commitment

We ask for 12 months of premium to be accrued upfront to protect all of our members experiences.  We want to be able to continue offering our plan at the lowest rate possible while including new offerings, and this is largely based on our members behaviour. Our premiums renew on January 1st of each year, and we do our absolute best to keep the experience positive and  negotiate the lowest rate for our members. 

In addition to promoting a good experience for our members, Livelii is committed to contributing 50% of net revenues earned from your activity (payment processing and subscription*) on the platform directly to your Wellness Account. 

*Subscription Fee contributions are deposited to Member Wellness Accounts on a monthly basis until eligibility criteria is met.

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