The benefits of

full time employment for independent workers.


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We've got you covered.

From day-to-day business to financial and health wellness we have services that are as unique as you and the work you do.



Access the heath & dental coverage you need.



Plan for paid leave and retirement with each payment.



Get your business in order today for your future self.



Save time, money, and a trip to the doctor.

We negotiate and administer policies at up to 5x less than available individual insurance. A true first of its kind group offering designed for the independent workforce.

Health & Dental Insurance

Automatic Enrolment

For Eligible Members*

Get covered with Manulife through Livelii.




Health, Dental, Life & Travel (someday...)




Managed in one place, month to month.


Livelii Health & Dental Benefits Plan Overview

Livelii is providing independent workers with Manulife life and health dental coverage, that is typically only accessible through employer-sponsored benefit plans.

Dental 80%

Prescription Drugs 80%

Vision Contacts $200/Glasses $150 (24 months)

Extended Health Coverage $2,000

Professional Health Services $500 (per year)

Life Insurance $30,000

Accidental Death Insurance $30,000

Emergency Travel Medical Treatment $5,000,000

(out of country)

Coverage up to plan maximums, please contact Livelii for more details below.

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Set it up once, benefit forever.

We help our members set livelihood goals, move money, monitor account progress, and offer flexibility on a payment by payment basis.

Wellness Account




We'll calculate how much you need for the time you want.




Payment by payment, or let it ride.

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Held in trust until your direct deposit request.

Wellness Accounts

fund today and tomorrow.

Paid Leave

Set a goal and automatically save for vacation, leave, gaps in work, or the unexpected.


Group RRSPs

We offer tax deductible registered retirement savings to get you in that leisure suit sooner.




End to end planning and payments.

We provide business tools for estimating, invoicing, and direct deposit payment collection with the option to embed additional costs, or allocate on an invoice by invoice basis to help you meet your goals.

Free to Use Business Tools

Estimates &


Power your livelihood with unlimited estimates and invoices delivered by you or through Livelii.

Optional Rate


Adjust your rate displayed on invoices to include a portion of the costs to fund your Wellness Account. 

Optional Payment


We offer secured direct deposit transfers within Canada at rates from $5.00 up to 1%.


Money ins and outs.

Our payment system is designed to help you fuel your wellness account and be on your way to achieving your goals. Invoices created for payments can include an adjusted rate to offset your savings allocation, or can be allocated out of your gross earnings.

Wellness Account Deposits

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It's easy for your Clients.

We make it easy for your Canadian clients from the first invoice emailed through our system through to completing their Direct Deposit transaction. We treat your clients and their data like gold with bank grade security.

Client Payments

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*Displays as shown above are to be included in 2021 release

Committed to Community.

Not only do we keep a portion of our company open to co-ownership for our members, we contribute a percentage of our profits on a member by member, activity by activity basis. We also leverage the incredible knowledge our community has and deliver ongoing resources and tools to help you thrive. In essence, we’re working towards your goals alongside you. 

What's Co-ownership?

It's an opportunity for anyone and everyone ready to make change for the independent workforce. We have a unique investment opportunity available to own shares in Livelii.  We feel it is important for us to have members share the seats and to benefit from the tools they use.

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What if the benefits of full time employment were available to the independent workforce?

There would be employer subsidized health and dental insurance and processes in place to cover paid time off. The planning required to take a vacation, create a safety net for emergencies, and to eventually retire wouldn’t take an accounting expert to implement. There would be products and services available that reward workers for their contributions to our economy without bias against their type of employment. The world would see independent workers for the valuable assets they are.

This is Livelii.

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Toronto, ON Canada

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*Contact Livelii for more details on who’s eligible for Group Benefits enrolment.


Group Benefit products and services are offered by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). 

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