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What if the benefits of full time employment were available to the independent workforce?

Our world is broken when it comes to accessibility for anyone who is not traditionally employed. In our perfect world - there would be employer subsidized, affordable health and dental insurance and processes in place to cover paid time off. The planning required to take a vacation, create a safety net for emergencies, buy a home, and to eventually retire would be easy and not take an accounting expert to implement. There would be products and services available that reward workers for their contributions to our economy without bias against their type of employment.


The world would see independent workers for the valuable assets they are.

Here's our promise to you today.

Community-led Product & Co-Ownership

Our members share their voice and direct our efforts. We have also dedicated a portion of our company for members to own a slice of the pie and become owners through investment.

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Transparent Business Model

At Livelii, we’re proud agents of transparency. We co-exist with our members in a mutually beneficial relationship and keep our doors open, encourage questions and tell it like it is.


Innovative Partnerships & IP

We build relationships with strategic partners and providers to deliver innovative products powered by Livelii. Simply put, if it doesn't "do better" for you - we just don't do it.

Want to join us for the ride?

We're always open to conversation with collaborators, partners, providers, investors, and really anyone who shares our vision, and recognizes the opportunity to make change.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.


Toronto, ON Canada

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Group Benefit products and services are offered by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). 

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We're always looking for the best of the best to join our crusade.