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Be the Change: Become a Co-owner at Livelii

Our biggest update yet, read more on how to become a co-owner at Livelii!

We have a BIG update, we’re excited to announce that we are now live on FrontFundr to give all Canadians the opportunity to become a co-owner at Livelii!

Today, the overwhelming majority of Freelancers, Consultants, Independent contractors, Side hustlers and On-demand gig workers are challenged by a siloed work experience and limited access to affordable financial tools that reflect the nature of their work. Despite the growth of Freelance, which could account for over 50% of the workforce by the end of the decade, the modern working world has largely left behind those Independent workers.

Lacking the health and retirement benefits (a.k.a. “the benefits gap”) and paid days off of traditional full-time employment, these champions of self-employment are mostly left to fend for themselves—even when it comes to being paid on time for a job well done!

As a company that challenges the norm, our mission has always been to remove the barriers that restrict Freelancers and Independent workers from accessing basic Health Insurance and other critical Financial tools.

With the rollercoaster that has been 2020, we were able to get a few steps closer to our goals by officially partnering up with Manulife to help this as-of-yet untapped segment of independent workers — Canada’s fastest-growing labour group — access insurance through our platform. There will be substantial growth opportunities as we disrupt antiquated employment systems and assist a marginal group of workers that has largely been ignored by policymakers—even as COVID-19 adds fuel to the fire.

As of today, Feb. 9th, we’ve started our pre-seed round using FrontFundr, the country’s top equity crowdfunding service, which allows all Canadians to invest in our game-changing platform and become a co-owner at Livelii. Funds from Livelii’s Frontfundr campaign, will bolster additional growth, allow us to focus on enhancing our core proprietary technology and make our platform accessible to Freelancers and Independent workers throughout Canada.

Learn more about Livelii’s crowdfunding campaign here: FrontFundr.com/Livelii

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