Member Perks Alert: We're partnering with Goodlawyer!

We all know that being self-employed has numerous perks, but it also comes with some real pains. This is why Livelii recently partnered with Goodlawyer, to help make the ride smoother!

As more Canadians decide to become self-employed in today’s business landscape, there are two absolute truths among others, with regard to their livelihood. The first is that the self-employed need to minimize their legal risks, and the second, provide themselves and their families with benefits coverage to ensure peace of mind.

With the launch of this exciting partnership with Goodlawyer, we hope to bring self-employed Canadians together to promote and cover both of these critical aspects of their livelihood.

Goodlawyer is a leading online marketplace for fixed-fee legal services that are focused on ensuring that Canadian business owners can access the highest standards of legal advice and service delivery through its nationwide network of independent lawyers and law firms.

“As part of Livelii's plan for growth and value creation, we are making strategic decisions about where to bring in partners with robust expertise and where to build the differentiated experiences our customers need and value. Goodlawyer has solid expertise in interactive online services, that will make it faster and easier for our community members to find and hire legal help solely based on their preferences," said Dan Lawrence, Chief Growth Officer @ Livelii

“The legal industry has been, quite frankly, terrible to founders,” said Grant Lahring, Head of Growth @ Goodlawyer. “Most small firms are run by generalists who complete draft more wills than service agreements. Most big firms cost $400 an hour and your contract will be drafted by a junior lawyer anyway. We’re stoked to work with Livelii’s customers and help them dodge both these bullets.”

With the launch of this partnership, starting today all Livelii community members can access exclusive discounts for legal services provided by Goodlawyer through their Livelii dashboard!

If you are a Livelii member, you can click here to access your dashboard, if you’re not a Livelii member yet, you can sign up here.

About Livelii Livelii comes together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide transparent pricing each calendar year. As a groundbreaking first-ever platform in Canada, Livelii is focused on building a community of Independent workers in Canada to provide Health, Dental & Life Insurance coverage without bias. Visit to learn more about Livelii and our mission.

About Goodlawyer Goodlawyer is a marketplace for founders who need specialized legal services at a price they can trust. The Canadian startup was founded in 2019 and has served more than 3,000 entrepreneurs to date.

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