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If the option exists would you prefer your communications from our providers in french?

Livelii currently only provides support in English.


your legal spouse, or a person continuously living with you in a role like that of a marriage partner for at least 12 months.



your natural or adopted child, or stepchild, who is unmarried and under the age stated below:

  • for Dental coverage - under age 21, or under age 26 if a full-time student; for Extended Health Care coverage - under age 21, or under age 26 if a full-time student

  • not employed on a full-time basis

  • not eligible for insurance as an employee under this or any other Group Benefit Program

  • a child who is incapacitated on the date he or she reaches the age when insurance would normally terminate will continue to be an eligible dependent. However, the child must have been insured under this Benefit Program immediately prior to that date

  • a child is considered incapacitated if he or she is incapable of engaging in any substantially gainful activity

  • and is dependent on the employee for support, maintenance and care, due to a mental or physical disability.

  • Manulife Financial may require written proof of the child’s condition as often as may reasonably be necessary

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Livelii is available for individuals and their families with a couple of caveats. 

If you have kids and/or a spouse they need to be included in your policy. We can coordinate policies no problem.

They may opt out if they have additional coverage in place which will be included in your application.