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Because being a VA should have perks.


Self-employed, freelancer, consultant, contractor.

Whatever you call yourself, we've got Virtual Gurus Virtual Assistants covered.
We listened to thousands of self-employed individuals and are building a community that collaborates, contributes, and benefits - together.
As a Virtual Assistant with Virtual Gurus you're invited to participate in an exclusive offer between November 3 - December 15, 2021.
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Become a Livelii or Livelii+ Member today and get $59 off your selected monthly membership payment.

And, Lock In Your Rate for first 12 months of enrolment.


Our members benefit. Literally.

We aggregate, negotiate and provide services for sole proprietors and incorporations of one at the rates the "big guys" pay for their employees without sacrificing value. Our memberships include...

Group Benefits

Get exclusive access to Health, Dental and Life Insurance coverage that's easy & affordable. Our memberships are designed for individuals and their families.

Partner Perks

Members have the opportunity to become Ambassadors and help our community grow, and also to access partner perks that support your livelihood (coming soon).

Community Collaboration

Livelii offers team, and peer to peer collaboration through online forums and channels. We're always looking for members insights and inputs on how we can help.

self employed online insurance
Hassle Free Health Benefits
15 Minute

Select your membership and subscribe by paying a 1 month deposit with code VGVA. We'll collect your details, get you registered, and lock in your rate.

Health and Dental Benefits
Complete Your
Waiting Period

We're bringing the benefits of full time employment to you, which means we have a mandatory 90 day waiting period before your benefits start. Enjoy our perks until then.

the Benefits
Group Benefits for Self Employed

We'll enrol you on the Manulife benefits policy after your waiting period, issue your certificate number, and let you know when your coverage starts. 



We are your support, advocates, and your plan sponsor.

Becoming a Livelii Member means you're registered as part of our collective. Today, that membership buys you access to our services, technology, resources and our group benefits plan provided by Manulife.

Dental Care for Freelancers

Dental Care

Getting the care you need is a walk in the park. Our plan covers basic services like exams, scaling and polishing as well as fillings and some surgical procedures.

80% Coverage

of eligible claims* per registered member up to $1000 per year.

Pre-Treatment Planning

to understand what will be covered and what will be at your expense.

No deductible 

to be paid.

*Plan Details

Extended Health Care

Your health care options and supports should be crystal clear. Our plan covers prescription drugs, professional health services, vision care, and more.

Vision Contacts $200/Glasses $150 

every 24 months per registered member*.


​Professional Health Services $500 

per calendar year combined services* per registered member.

Prescription Drugs 80% Coverage

for eligible claims* per registered member up to $3000 per year.

*Plan Details

Extended Health Care for Self Employed

Forget "starting at".

We come together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide the best value for our members each year.*

Life Insurance for Self Employed

Life & Accidental Death

Sometimes life deals us lemons. Our coverage provides you and your family with peace of mind in case of your death or accident.

Life Insurance $30,000

available for policy holders until the age of 65*.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance $30,000

available for policy holders until the age of 65*.

Conversion Privilege

available for policy holders to convert to an individual policy.*

*Plan Details

get started-08.png

Forget "starting at".

Being a part of the Livelii community means you're part of a group - and that's exactly how we're able to reduce fees, remove barriers and provide the best value for our members each year.*

+ Applicable Taxes & Deposit



90 /mo


For the solopreneur - including group benefits coverage for one.


+ Applicable Taxes & Deposit



For the  family entrepreneur - including group benefits coverage for 2-5 family members. 


190 /mo



*promotional rates include your Livelii Membership and benefits coverage and are effective for the first 12 months of your enrolment. Published  regular rates are effective until December 31, 2021. Discount shown applies to purchasing members and is applied to the deposit and monthly membership subscription. Additional criteria may apply.


Membership need to knows.

Transparency and plain language make for a much smoother ride. Here's what you need to know about becoming a member with Livelii.

Insurance Policy Contract

12 Month Contract & 3 Month Waiting Period

With your registration and membership, you commit to a 12 month contract with Livelii and its services.

Age Criteria for Health Insurance

Age & Location
Service Criteria

We love ambitious folks, but you must be between 18 and 63.9ish and live in Canada, excluding QC

(sorry guys!).

How much is Insurance in Canada

Pricing Fluctuations & Plan Inclusions

Plan inclusions may change during your contract and pricing may change following your promotion.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Livelii?

We are a platform built for self-employed freelancers, independent workers, contractors, gig workers and anyone non-traditionally employed to belong to a community and get access to services and products designed specifically for them. Livelii exists to provide products and services that reward workers for their contributions to our economy without bias against their type of employment and to see independent workers for the valuable assets they are.

What does Livelii do?

Livelii acts as an aggregator and advocate for its members. We provide owned technology to improve member experiences through use of our platform that positively impacts their livelihood and creates accessibility across health, wealth and business tools. In many cases we will negotiate products with third party suppliers and providers that work in tandem with our owned technology to provide our community with critical supports and our providers with opportunities for innovative services.

What do I get with my Livelii Membership?

Becoming a Livelii Member means you're registered as part of our collective. Today, that membership buys you access to our services, use of our technology, our resources designed for self-employed workers and our group benefits plans tailored to individuals and their families.

How much is a Membership with Livelii?

We offer 2 membership subscriptions which are tied to your benefits selection. Your subscription includes our services, support and available technology as well as enrolment to our benefits policy upon eligibility (waiting period of 3 months). Our current promotional rates are: Livelii Membership (1 person) $90/mo + applicable taxes* Livelii+ Membership (2+ people) $190/mo + applicable taxes* These rates are locked in for VGVA Promotional Members for the first 12 months of their subscription. *with VGVA discount (regularly $149/$249 monthly)


What role does Livelii play?

Livelii acts as a plan sponsor and administers group health and dental benefits plans for our members as provided by Manulife. That includes handling all of the administrative tasks, answering your questions about plan details, providing members with policy and member ID numbers, and your plan member booklet. We also negotiate the plan inclusions and pricing on behalf of our membership and welcome your input throughout our relationship via surveys or directly at

Do I qualify for Livelii's Health, Dental and Life Insurance benefits?

Our services and products are available throughout Canada (with the exception of Quebec - sorry guys, we’ll be there soon!) to independent workers, contractors, freelancers, consultants, gig workers or whatever you’d like to call yourself! We require your business to be a Canadian sole proprietorship or incorporation of one (you as the sole director and employee) as your business structure.

Businesses that have employees are not currently eligible for our products. You’ve also got to be over 18, and under 65 with a Canadian financial institution bank account.

What if I, or my family members have coverage under another plan?

Our plans and policies can be used in tandem with other coverage secured under the individual members name, as well as for coordination of benefits with plans secured under dependants names (policies that your spouse has registered you for). Just let us know while you're registering and we'll be sure to have it noted on your file.

What does the enrolment process look like?

Our enrolment process is simple: 1) Signup, qualify, and begin your registration process through our website. 2) Once you have reached eligibility (i.e. completed the 90-day waiting period) you will be enrolled on your selected plan.

Can I check if a specific drug is covered?

We act as a plan sponsor and administer group benefits plans for our members as provided by Manulife. Our plan is designed to support individuals and their families who meet our criteria, and is not intended to address specific medical conditions or unique situations, although some coverage may apply. In the event that specific conditions or unique situations exist, we do not complete DIN coverage inquiries, or pre-authorization requests to qualify specific medications, dental procedures or extended health care. It is our intent to provide a benefits plan and policy equivalent to what would be provided by a traditional employer for your members.


How do you keep my information private?

We highly value and respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy). We will never sell your information, or share it with anyone except for the purposes of providing our services and promoting our business.


How do I pay for Livelii?

You can accept credit cards. We use Stripe to accept any payments through our site on a secured portal. This data is not stored with Livelii, leaving what belongs in the vault, in the vault with Stripe.

When do I start paying?

Your payment begins upon registration, we will charge you a deposit equivalent to 1 month (applied to your last month) of the current published rate less any applied promotions of your selected services/product(s). Once you've completed the waiting period, you become eligible, then enrolled. You will then be billed the current published monthly rate (less applicable discounts) based on the services/product(s) selected starting when you are enrolled on the plan.

What if I miss a payment?

If we are unable to process your payment for any reason, we’ll keep bugging you to settle your tab. But eventually, if we have not received your payment on or before the last day of that billing cycle we will use your deposit to pay the balance owed and terminate your membership. You will also be charged a penalty fee (“Penalty Fee”) of fifteen percent (15%) of your remaining subscription contract to the Service (including any fees related to the Product and/or Services to which you are subscribed). This Penalty Fee will be used to offset any increases in costs absorbed by our Members by your default. We don't want it to come to this - so we do our best to keep you informed - you do your best to keep up with your subscription.


How can I reach you?

You can always get in touch with our team by emailing us at or for support issues. You can also reach us via the chat window located at the bottom right corner of our website.


What happens if I no longer work with Virtual Gurus?

In the event that you part ways with Virutal Gurus you will have the opportunity to remain with Livelii, and be subject to the current published rates (this great discount through Virtuals Gurus will no longer be available - sorry!) for the remainder of your 12 month term, or you may cancel and be subject to a 15% cancellation fee of your remaining contract obligations.

Can Virtual Gurus see my information?

Our friends at Virtual Gurus will see your membership status, email address, and the date you began your relationship with us. They will monitor the VGVA group and have the ability to request withdrawal in the event that a virtual assistant is no longer eligible for participation in the partner program.


We're here to do just that!  Let us know what we can do for you via chat or book a one on one.