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Because benefits should be easy, affordable, and for everyone.

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Self Employed Health Insurance

Self employed, freelancer, consultant, contractor, gig worker.

Whatever you call yourself, we've got you covered.

We're focused on building a community of sole proprietors and incorporations of one in Canada to provide Health, Dental & Life Insurance coverage without bias.

Health and Dental Benefits for Freelancers

1 Policy, 2 Plans, no phone calls or paper pushing.

Knock benefits off your to do list in 15 minutes.

Designed for the self employed, we've negotiated a policy for you and your family to get your dental and health care back on track. 

Register, Subscribe, Enrol.

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Peace of mind is clicks away.
self employed online insurance
Hassle Free Health Benefits
15 Minute

Choose your plan, provide your details, and subscribe through our secured portal.

Health and Dental Benefits
Complete Your
Waiting Period

Good things come to those who wait. We have a mandatory 90 day waiting period.

the Benefits
Group Benefits for Self Employed

We'll enrol you after your waiting period, and let you know when your coverage starts. 

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Forget "starting at".

We come together as a group to tackle challenges, reduce fees, remove barriers, and provide transparent pricing each calendar year.*

Comprehensive Coverage

SAVE $300




+ Applicable Taxes & Deposit


  • Group benefits policy for you including Health & Dental Coverage.

  • Life Insurance Policy in your name.

  • Hassle free & human onboarding.

  • Member dashboard management.

  • Livelii community input & insights.

  • Access to Member exclusive resources.

Family Health Insurance

SAVE $600




+ Applicable Taxes & Deposit


  • Group benefits policy for your family including Health & Dental Coverage.

  • Life Insurance Policy in your name.

  • Hassle free & human onboarding.

  • Member dashboard management.

  • Livelii community input & insights.

  • Access to Member exclusive resources.

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*published rates include your Livelii Membership and benefits coverage. Prices are effective until December 31, 2021 unless otherwise communicated. Discount shown applies to purchasing members and is applied to the monthly published rate over a period of 12 months.



We are your support, advocates, and your plan sponsor.

Becoming a Livelii Member means you're registered as part of our collective. Today, that membership buys you access to our services, technology, resources and our group benefits plan provided by Manulife.

Dental Care for Freelancers

Dental Care

Getting the care you need is a walk in the park. Our plan covers basic services like exams, scaling and polishing as well as fillings and some surgical procedures.

80% Coverage

of eligible claims* per registered member up to $1000 per year.

Pre-Treatment Planning

to understand what will be covered and what will be at your expense.

No deductible 

to be paid.

*Plan Details

Extended Health Care

Your health care options and supports should be crystal clear. Our plan covers prescription drugs, professional health services, vision care, and more.

Vision Contacts $200/Glasses $150 

every 24 months per registered member*.


​Professional Health Services $500 

per calendar year combined services* per registered member.

Prescription Drugs 80% Coverage

for eligible claims* per registered member up to $3000 per year.

*Plan Details

Extended Health Care for Self Employed
Life Insurance for Self Employed

Life & Accidental Death

Sometimes life deals us lemons. Our coverage provides you and your family with peace of mind in case of your death or accident.

Life Insurance $30,000

available for policy holders until the age of 65*.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance $30,000

available for policy holders until the age of 65*.

Conversion Privilege

available for policy holders to convert to an individual policy.*

*Plan Details

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Membership need to knows.

Transparency and plain language make for a much smoother ride. Here's what you need to know about becoming a member with Livelii.

Livelii Membership
Insurance Policy Contract

12 Month Contract & 3 Month Waiting Period

With your registration and membership, you commit to a 12 month contract with Livelii and its services.

Age Criteria for Health Insurance

Age & Location
Service Criteria

We love ambitious folks, but you must be between 18 and 63.9ish and live in Canada, excluding QC (sorry guys!).

How much is Insurance in Canada

Pricing Fluctuations & Plan Inclusions

Plan inclusions and prices may change during your contract. This depends on our groups needs and usage as a whole.

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Our Services & Tech. 

We make it easy for self employed Canadians* to get from A to Benefits in a hassle free, online experience. We treat your personal information like gold and lock it away in encrypted vaults, and entrust your payment details with Stripe's secured portal.

Health Insurance Platform Canada

*restrictions apply to location, type of business and age.


Committed to Community.

You are at the heart of all we do. We recognize solo entrepreneurs for the contributions you make to our economy, and have charted a course to right the wrongs. We start with our beliefs, then build a future together with you at the helm.

Learn more about Livelii.

Livelii Services

Livelii Services

We're powered by people and technology with the single goal of providing the best end to end online experience.

Livelii Community

Community Insights 

With Livelii, you have a voice. Your input will help shape the future of Livelii and the challenges we tackle together.

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Freelancer Resources

Member Resources

Your livelihood is our number one. We'll provide content that's helpful, easy to consume and helps your business thrive.

Our Vision


Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Our future is focused on providing health, wealth, and business products that positively impact your livelihood. 

Insurance and Financial Services for Self Employed
Life Goals


We'll help you personalize life goals (paid leave, retirement savings) based on your unique situation then monitor progress.

Automated Savings for Freelancers


Put your #lifegoals on autopilot, payment by payment, with our suite of banking and investment solutions designed for you.

Credit Solutions for Freelancers

Credit Where
Credit is Due

We'll offset your out of pockets and help you build your personal or business credit with Livelii lending solutions.

Virtual Health Care

On Demand
Virtual Health

Get on demand virtual and tele-health care from a network of nurse practitioners and specialists in 20 minutes or less.

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We're always looking for the best of the best to join our crusade.

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